Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big Smiles over here

Howie doesn't know it yet, but that big grin must be because he gets to go to Roiko ladies weekend with mom on Saturday.

I hadn't thought I'd get to go, it being my weekend to work, but a coworker came through and picked up my Saturday shift. Wahoo! Now the babe and I get to join the festivities from Saturday morning until Sunday when I have to leave for work. Clickin' my heels over here.

That'll be it for mouse courser is acting funky since I spilled coffee on the keyboard the other it's constantly trying to go to the bottom left corner of the screen. Makes navigation a little more difficult.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Once upon a time..

This morning:

Elsa, with a starry, far-away look in her eyes: Mom, where do princesses live?
Me: in castles.
E: We should go to a castle.
M: But all the castles are far, far away, Elsa.
E: But we should GO to one. Then I could see the princess.
M: Oh?
E: Yeah.
Even more starry eyed: An' then I could BE the princess.
M, thinking she's oh-so-sweet: Ooh.
E: Yeah. ...I could live there, an' then the King could go away.
M: Go away? Why?
E: We could SHOOT the mean king. (Woah. Nix that sweet thing. Country girl here.)
M: Shoot him?! Nooo. We don't want to shoot him! What if he was a nice grandpa king?
Off she runs, laughing.
Hey Oliver! A GRANDPA king!!

Heh. Not sure what to make of that one.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A kinda funny flashback

Just the other day when I was uploading pictures I had taken of apple picking, this one popped up.

Check it out! Howie's sitting up already!

Or not.

I had left my regular, larger memory card in the computer, so I loaded the camera with the smaller sized card the camera came with...and evidently the last time I had used it, Oliver was about, ooh, 5 months or so. As you can see, he's a little bigger now, holding Howie. A fun, unexpected flashback.


This week has been filled with beautiful fall days. Mild, sunny, perfect. Last night I embraced that, and had ladies for a bonfire. It was a beautiful, starry, fall night. Apple cider was enjoyed, fun was had.

And it was the perfect end to my almost two months off.

Today, I start back to work. I only put in 5 days-evenings, actually- every two weeks, and for me it's been just the right time out/home combination. We'll see how it goes now with Howie.