Thursday, August 26, 2010


We're basking in the sunshine

For the second day in a row, Oliver and Elsa are gone to play with friends.


...and snuggly, sleepy newborns.

They make life good.

Monday, August 23, 2010

One week already...

We're settleing into our new normal around here. So far, Howie has been the most content babe I've had. He sleeps like a champ, (I just jinxed myself...) which has made this past week much easier and really a lot of fun. Rest tends to do that.

The older kids are adjusting quite well...other than the fact that they seem to bounce off the walls quite a bit higher than they used to. Today I stopped multiple games of slide-off-the-washer-onto-the-clothes-pile-climb-back-up-and-do-it-again and other variations of the same. Broken legs are something we don't really need...

Here's a few pictures from the last week and some tidbits I've been meaning to get down...

Elsa and Howie, the evening we came home. Howie was sound asleep, but Elsa was "holdin' the blankie back so he can see, Mom. He couldn't see nutin'"

They're both incredibly proud and doting to the little guy. At the hospital, they barely let their Grammie and Grampie have a turn... "is it five minutes yet?" and "I get to hold him next!" They also got to pick out some new toys to bring with. He immediately had rattles on his wrists and dolls to cuddle with.

Chillin' with his big sibs.

The questions those two come up with are humorous. "Are you milkin' Howie Mom?" and "I don't like that bellybutton." when they saw his umbilical cord.

Today-one week old.

When Oliver and Elsa were leaving with their grandparents before I left for the hospital, Elsa was giving me a hug and said "He can be a girl Mom. He can be a girl."

Sorry my dear. We've got ourselves a keeper of a boy here.

I'm pretty sure she'd agree these days.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A new arrival: and this time, it's not kittens

Howard James arrived on Monday and 2:12 am. All 7lb 4 oz and 19.4 inches of him. Everything went very well, we both came home last night and are doing wonderfully!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our newest arrivals...

Oliver had something important to say ...he was on the phone to Nanna and Papa's right away.

Four new felines have arrived.
(Truly, that was Oliver's first response, "I have to call Nanna and Papa!!!)

Ha! And I bet you thought it was a baby of the human kind.

I wish.

But I am happy to report Thelma and her litter are all doing well.

And if there are any OTHER new arrivals around here before mine, I can't say I'll be such a good sport. So there.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

One benefit of living in the country

I can look out my window after a long quiet spell, see my children like this:

...and simply wonder just how muddy and where their clothes are, and laugh. Then go back to enjoying the peace and quiet of happily playing kids.

I wonder if sliding down a dirt hill on a bare bum is as fun as it is on fully clothed on snow in the winter? I'll ask them and get back to you on that.

Peace. Quiet. Morning.

Sipping my coffee in peace and quiet. Aaah... The kids bounced out of bed at 8, as usual, and I was I've been a little low on sleep this week, what with late nights around the campfire followed by two evenings of work.

So it was with a big "oh, yeah" that I heard Eric getting the kids ready to go run some errands with him. "Wha...?" I asked. "They asked to come" he replied.

That never happens. Usually Elsa stays home.

Ohhh, yeah. Coffee, nissu and a couple hours alone,(I was to awake to go back to sleep). AND a day off before my last three scheduled days of work.

Ohhh, yeah.