Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Cackleberry Factory begins

Once upon a time, so the story goes, Eric's cousin hated eggs. No way could his mom get him to eat eggs.

But boy were those cackleberries Uncle Larry made good.

So, it took a few years.
But we finally started our own cackleberry factory.
They're great fun; the kids love to sit and watch, as well as hold them. Oliver even set up a chair that first day and put in a few good hours.

In spite of the fact that they are always under a heat lamp, I found out that chicks still know night from day. They were sound asleep when I left bright and early for work yesterday morning. Look at them huddled in together in the corners, cute! However, throughout the day they're never completely quiet. That's one strong circadian rhythm!


Tomorrow at this time I'll be enjoying sunny (I hope!!) San Francisco!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Reasons I'm ready for May

  • First of all, my trip to San Francisco to visit my eldest brother, Andy from the 1-4, sans kids!
  • Spring will (hopefully) be here for good. (It was snowing on my way to work today...)
  • Garden planting:)
  • Our new (as of Friday) chicks will be growing, and getting closer to eating some of the wood tics I found the other day.
  • The Wedding!
  • And most of all, I might get my husband back. He has been in charge of taking care of the 'old' store since they (the local grocer he works for) moved into their new location. It's been a project. He's had no days off for the last two and a half weeks, and put in 76 or so hours in the last seven days. Lets just say, I want him back!!! (and so do the kids.) Thankfully, they have to be out of the old by the 30th.
  • Bring on May.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

For the enjoyment of others:

I'm currently playing the ignoring game. Cuz my morning has been like this: Poopy.

Oliver woke up "I poopded in my unners"
Minutes after breakfast: "Mooom, I'm dooone!" But not done on the potty. He didn't make it there.
Then in the tub "Mooom, somebody poopded!" (this time it was E.)
Did I mention the cat happened to pick a poopy spot to stick her foot somewhere along here too? And that my washer's been on the fritz since Thursday?

(finally back a few hours later...)
So I spent those few minutes playing the ignoring game.

Thankfully, my father in law was able to come fix the washer. We found a few left over pull-ups and are putting them to use. We've been a few hours without an accident.

Now, if only the three year old would stop acting like a three year old. (read: dragging his sister across the floor one minute and the cat around by it's head the next.)

Maybe it's just to make me good and ready to go on my trip. Yup, it must be.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Did I mention?

That Katrina and I are going to San Fransisco next Friday through Monday???

I just got emailed the ticket conformation!


*Thanks to a very generous brother whom we're going to visit!*

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a difference...

Yesterday set record highs for this time of year. Today? Brr. It hasn't hit 50 yet. Oh well, as long as that 's' word doesn't come into the forecast, we'll take it. (Poor souls in the UP who had a snow day earlier this week...yuck.)

This spring marks the first warm season of our marriage in which I haven't either had a relatively small baby or been pregnant. And let me tell you, I'm loving the freedom that comes with that. Now lets just see if I actually succeed in getting some of these yard and gardening projects done...

Yesterday the kids and I started to clean up the area where we cut firewood all winter. Wow. Judging by the foot or so of sawdust in many places, we burned a lot of wood. Our house is far from energy efficient, so it's an extra good thing we can burn wood. Anyhow, I enjoyed it. Sunshine, warmth. Sometimes it just feels good to be doing something.

Hopefully we'll get back to a little warmer, less windy weather and the progress can continue!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I must be getting used to this.

This afternoon I scrubbed the kitchen floor. It was beautiful. All clean and shiny.

We sat down to supper and Elsa promptly dumped her milk. A large, splattery puddle quickly accumulated on my nice, clean floor.

It didn't phase me. I don't even think I sighed.

I must be getting used to this.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I thought we'd survived, that we'd made it through the worst. And now she found a doggone pluggie. Back we go to square one. Shucks.

(This is kinda continuing from Jan's blog..) I love listening to Elsa as she's learning two and three word sentences. She's a much earlier talker than Oliver was, which is very nice. The way she says Oliver is priceless. She uses it frequently, and it's especially great when she's mad at him.

Olbidiber! Olbidiber! (it's said very quickly with a little tongue roll-twist...heehee)

And just to boost my mommy pride, Oliver just told me, with a great big chuckle, "Your butt is falling out!" Ahem, excuse me while I adjust my shirt...

*In my defense, my bum wasn't falling out at all. My shirt had ridden up while I was sitting here typing...*

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do I dare?

Actually pack away the winter clothes?? I reallyreally want to. Do I dare? Or is that just tempting an April snow storm?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And time continues to slip by...

With the arrival of real spring-like weather, I don't find myself with nearly as much of a need to escape to the virtual world for reasons of sanity. Although my blog has been suffering, I am not complaining! Spring is growing to be more and more of a favorite season for me; I think because winter is so much more difficult to enjoy with littles in tow, making me VERY ready for the warming weather.

Oliver's new favorite past time is walking the mile down the road to the creek. It is in full force, and a little boy's-and girl's-paradise. The local stick and rock population quivers when we come, because they know they're bound for colder waters. The other day, after being there for well over an hour I suggested we head home. In his usual fashion, he spread his arms wide, and full of gusto said, "No, I stay here ALL DAY." Ah well. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

I got a great deal on fishing rods for the kids while shopping the other day-over 50% off! I was slightly disappointed when they turned out to be full sized, not the shorter, less hazardous ones. Just remind me to duck. On a regular basis. (Good thing for plastic fishies in place of hooks...)

And, although I kinda missed Easter on here, I couldn't resist sharing my rockstar. Ain't that a great one? Poor girl was sick all weekend, up most of Easter-eve night with horrible gas pains. She deserved those glasses:)

Enjoy spring!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oooh, boy.

She's bound to get it right at some point.

That's what I told the lady I bumped into the other day. We were both perusing the hair accessories at a local store, when she started asking my opinion on the amount of 'bling' on the tiaras she was looking at. For her wedding. In July. At two in the afternoon. Motorcycle themed. On some stage. At Sturgis. and Oh yeah-it's her sixth.

She told me she has a problem maintaining relationships.

I guess.

And then when I said I, too was looking for hair accessories for a wedding that was in May, she gave me a look, and said "wow, you don't have much time!!" heh.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thankfully, whatever bug made its way through our house wasn't all that bad. The worst of it came in the middle of the night Tuesday when Oliver-who was sleeping in our bed-woke up puking and got his father. 3 o'clock baths and showers were in order. gross. Other than his throwing up a few times and the runs making the rounds, we appear to have escaped anything more dire.

Other news...there really is no other news around here-so, have a grand weekend! We're just hoping for some warmth and melting snow!