Monday, December 28, 2009

Peace on Earth

The week of Christmas was filled with much hustle and bustle around here, but at this moment, I'm enjoying a cup of tea, early bedtime for the kids and some peace and quiet. And a moment to reminisce.

Credit on the photos to my talented friend Jennifer. She does wonderful work.

The days went by fast, but much fun was had. All of my siblings were home at some point for the holiday, and it was wonderful to see them. (For those who don't know, we're about as spread out as any siblings can be while staying in the states. California, Massachusetts, Georgia, Alaska, and in the middle, me, at home in MN.) As usual, the uncles riled up the kids, spoiled them rotten, and left us with memories to tide over until next time. It doesn't get much better than that. (My camera was evidently far from my hand...not many photos to share. And these are cropping or nothin'.)

We went to my uncle and aunt's on the Isaacson side to enjoy Christmas Eve; sang carols, visited, good food...and no pinata. Piece of advice: start a pinata more than four hours before you want to break it...even with the aid of a hair dryer, it won't be ready. In spite of that, the evening was still a good time.

Anyone need a half-finished pinata?

Christmas morning everyone slept in. The kids didn't rise until after 10, and being as we had two parties to attend, I didn't even attempt to make it to church. Instead, we enjoyed a more leisurely *late* morning together. Santa was good to all, and hit the jackpot with Oliver's shotgun. Talk about a little boy's dream come true. He had shot a some bear, deer and a couple eagles within hours...despite Great-Gramma R.'s admonitions that he shouldn't, because "Eagles are a national symbol." No convincing this young hunter.

The afternoon spent with my mom's side of the family, then the evening with Eric's. (Where Elsa was given this adorable doll.) Lots more food, presents and fun. Then all of a sudden, the day was over. Another wonderfully full and enjoyable holiday. And a snowy one as well!

Today saw me straight back to work, and boy was I dragging. But as icing on the cake, I came home to a freshly cleaned kitchen and bathroom, as well as supper on the stove. Num. A good way to bring in the new week!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Have you gone fishing today?

They caught lots of big fish. True story.

  • The count is down to three days. Fortunately the kids are young enough that they aren't pestering about how much longer.
  • Still a present or two to find...but nothing to serious.
  • And wrapping.
  • And a little cooking.
  • I finally got Christmas cards on Saturday. Filled out, handed out and mailed almost all of them by yesterday. How's that for quick turn around?
  • The new job is awesome. Back again this evening and tomorrow, then off for a long weekend. My schedule for the next bit while orientating pretty much ROCKS, with lots of four day weekends.
  • The kids are playing church. They've got babies, are sitting in their booster seats lined up on the floor and singing slow, made up, Jesus loves me like songs. Then I hear "there's three more songs. We're at Runeburg." :)
  • Just found out there's a 90% chance of snow for Christmas Eve and day. Ah well, it'll be pretty.
  • Two of my brothers are in the state! They'll be home in a few hours.

And the funny of the day:

Oliver to Elsa: "Get your finger outa Dad's nose. You're gonna wreck it!"

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whew. And Yay!

I survived- and enjoyed!- the first day of my new job today! I was right, the learning curve is going to be steeep, but I'm looking forward to putting this rusty brain to work again. The people I worked with today were great; accepting and full of laughs. Just my style!

Back again tomorrow, then making Christmas goodies with my mom and Katrina tomorrow evening.

Happy Weekend!

P.S. Why is it my kids have a recent infatuation with playing in-and making a mess around-the bathroom sink? Why not with picking up toys or something useful?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Good for the armpits!

Last night at supper, I was cajoling the kids to finish their sweet potatoes so they could have desert by telling them "Nom, nom, eat 'em up! They're good for your eyes!!"

To which Elsa raises her arm, points at her underarm and says "Good for the armpits!!"


Sunday, December 13, 2009


Christmas tree, up and decorated.

Two fun helpers.

Even Thelma was intrigued.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Wahoo! I got every single thing on my list and only a few impulse buys yesterday (and those were a few clothes for me...jeans to replace the two with new holes in the knee, and some great boots!) The only problem was that I was so fixated on the list I had made, that I didn't contemplate the few people who's gifts I hadn't decided on...but knowing what I was looking for was a wonderful way to go!

I recently realized my growing son was quickly stretching out of his winter coat. Of course, during garage sale season, I picked up a size bigger for Elsa, and she still fits in hers from last year. Oliver? Nothing. How annoying. So I found him a coat yesterday...he wore it out to the mill today with his dad... and got oil on it. How typical. I didn't even get mad. It's a given that new gets stained on the first wear. Garage sale finds will stay clean forever...

Today I'm dragging from a late night Christmas partying last night...not a whole lot getting accomplished but I'm still hoping to get a tree and set it up today. Good thing there's a tree farm about three miles from here!

Wish me luck...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

And December is zipping along...

leaving me in it's wake wondering where the time is going.

Last weekend was Amanda R. and Gordon H.'s wedding; very beautiful. My sister and her hubby are now here from AK and will be through Christmas. (Russ and Gordon are brothers, married to first cousins who grew up together:) So they were both involved in the wedding.)

Today I have to somehow make the kids room spacious enough to fit in a set of bunk beds. My in-laws decided the kids needed bunk beds. They're the type that decide something like that, then go buy what they want (unlike me, who would look at garage sales and thrift stores for years before buying new...). I'm a little on the fence about fitting such large beds for small children in a tiny room (Really, they could share one twin bed...) but who am I to turn down new beds? They'll be great when we have a new house and maybe more kids...

Tomorrow I'm headed Christmas shopping. So far my stash consists of a pack of gum for each kid's stocking (they had a 3 pack for 99 cents yesterday at the grocery. Can't beat that! Especially when they love gum so much.) I did order one gift online yesterday, but hope to find most of the rest tomorrow. I have a pretty comprehensive list of the gifts I need and where I should be able to find them, so hopefully all will go well! It should be fun, Katrina, our mom and I are going together.

Saturday we'll make it feel like Christmas and put up a tree. That's the plan anyhow...

Stay warm!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!

First of all: Happy Birthday to my hubby! You're gettin old!:) Love you!

I've been a slacking blogger. Mostly, I've just been catching up on family time after working extra hours over the last weeks. The weekend was a goodie, with a quiet family meal with the in-laws for Thanksgiving. (I say quiet, because there are 8 adults and our two kids in the usual family gathering there. Compare that to the 50 or 60 plus with the R. side of my family, and it's quiet.)

Friday was a relaxing one at home, then a warm sauna at my ma and pa's. Eric worked all weekend.

Saturday the kids, their Nanna and I ran to the cities for a cousin's wedding.

Oliver was very concerned Saturday morning when we were getting ready to leave.

"Mom, I want you to wear a skirt, not a dress." and "Mom, my baby (his baby has lots of opinions) doesn't like big ol' poofy dresses. You should wear a skirt." and on and on. I wasn't sure what he was getting at, but I kept assuring him that yes, I would wear a skirt. (Eric said, "Great, I don't even know the difference between a skirt and dress, but Oliver does...")

Turns out he didn't want us to be in the wedding. The next questions were "Mom, are you gettin' married?" then "Nanna, are you gettin' married?" He was happy to hear us say no, that we were already married, but wasn't fully convinced until after the wedding when he said "You didn't get married!!" with a big, relieved smile.

Maybe the poor kid will be able to relax and enjoy the next cousin's wedding this weekend!

Life is busy!