Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Whistling winter winds

Spring heard my plea and departed. I can't say that's really what I was going for at all, but welcome to MN in March. The wind has been whistling around our poor little house all day, rattling the windows and doors.

We even had a little thundersnow. I only heard it once; the kids stopped what they were doing, look around and went back to playing. I guess they figured they were hearing things. We might even get a couple inches. Pew.

I'll use the power of positive thinking.

Spring. It's spring.

Now, before I go stick my nose in a garden seed catalog, here's a story for the Aunts and uncs...

This afternoon, Oliver and Elsa were playing oh-so-nicely, when Elsa erupted into tears and started arguing, "but I don't WANNA..blahblahblah."

Since I was sitting there, I asked what the problem was.

Turns out the argument stemmed from this: Oliver was taking the train to visit Steve and Jess. Elsa didn't want to. SHE wanted the train to take her to visit Trina and Russ. And Oliver didn't WANT to, he was going to visit Steve and Jess. Et cetera.

Life was calm again once I suggested they could have two trains and each go where they wanted.

They enjoyed their trips.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring is...cruel?

Spring shouldn't be aloud to tease like this.

I wait patiently for the days to warm, the sun to shine, the snow to melt. For the beautiful soft spring days.

Then it finally does. I peer out the window at the thermometer, and upon seeing it hitting the 40 degree mark, cheer, "Alright! Time to go play outside!" Meanwhile, chuckling to myself. "Score. They should stay out a good LONG time today."

The ol' winter routine kicks into gear-it's not that warm, after all.
Snow pants.
"Mo-oom! Will you pull my pant leg down?"
"Oh, wait did you go bathroom first?"
Off again.
On again.
One sleeve.
The other.
"Mom, I need HELP."
Finally.Out the door.

A sigh. Quiet. Peace. Just me and the baby. Such a sweet hour. What to do first? Quick, wash the dishes, then coffee and a good book? Mmmm...

...twenty minutes later.

Thump, thump. Creeak.

"MOOM! can we come IN yet?"

"What? You just went out!" I grimace and frown. What about my coffee? My book?

The puddle around them on the floor grows as the chorus goes up: "But my mittens are soaking wet!"

"The snow pile is all hard and dirty!"

"My feet are COLD."

Harrumph. I change their mittens and send 'em packing.
For all of another 10 minutes or so.

Then, they've had enough. It's in the house. Off come the snowpantsbootshatsmittenscoats...onto the floor. In a sodden.heaping.muddy.drippy.needs to be disassembled to dry.mess.

It's okay, I tell myself. Spring is here (no more snow storms, please.) Soon it'll dry. I'll just take myself for a walk later. I wring out the clothes. Find places to dry.

My chance arrives, I pack the baby in the backpack throw on my tennies and head out the door. Gorgeous! Slip.
I can't believe how nice it is. Sluurrrp.
The wind smells like spring! Splash.
Off, down the driveway, and along the road. Slurping and splashing. Muck. Everywhere. Deep breathing the fresh air; Spring, those gorgeous, soft days, for the moment, is teasing.

I'm not always quite sure, but I think I like it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wahoo for JSPhotography!

A while back, my friend Jennifer had the grand opening to her photography studio. Exciting!

She did a day full of mini-sessions, and I was lucky enough to win a free one. I clicked my heels, then plopped my three cuties (biased? no.) down in front of her camera for the second time.

I clicked my heels again the other day when the UPS guy dropped off my order. I'm loving my new decor:)

And my dear hubby was thrilled to update his wallet.