Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Magic Pumpkins

My kids, well, they're young. They're just getting to that remember from year to year what different holidays mean stage. So when I launched into a "Hey! Let's carve pumpkins!" announcement, it was met with "Uh, okay. Here we go again, she's lost it" looks.

Never fear. In a stroke of wisdom, I pulled out the new birthday book Elsa got from one of her Uncs (at least I think it was an Unc, the only clue was the address on the package, and we don't know anyone named Amazon.) and we read about Max the bunny and how he went Trick-or-treating with his little orange pumpkin pail. I explained how Oliver had dressed up as Robin Hood (he LOVED Robin Hood,) Elsa wore a cow hat, and they went trick-or-treating last year. Then I explained that trick-or-treating is essentially looking funny and begging for candy. And that another thing people do at Halloween is carve pumpkins.

After that, it went something like this:

"So, should we go carve pumpkins?"

Resounding "Yeah!"


Gathers pumpkins, knives, nose-picking-children and husband.

Draw pictures of what we'll carve. Start digging. (Notice Oliver's very apt tshirt. heh.)

Begin carving...
and carving.

And then:

Oliver: "We're gonna carve the pumpkins, and then they'll turn into CANDY!"

Catching on. It's a gradual process.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pew. Seriously.

Of all the *wonderful* tasks a person gets to do once they become a parent, one that ranks right up there at the top of the list is poo in the bathtub. Seriously, pew.

I must say I'm very glad I happened to purchase bleach the other day.

*entire readership runs for the hills* I'll stop there.

Off to make a cup o' tea. Much more pleasant.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cackleberry Gone Soft

Hmm. What is wrong with this egg?
1) It has a tail.

2) There is no shell!!

One of the odder things we've seen with our chickens so far. From the little bit of Googeling I've done, sometimes a chicken will simply lay an egg without a shell. Often it is the first egg she lays, but it can happen at any time. "It just happens."
Very, very odd.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday

Hello, lopsided.
You're officially two. How did that happen?

Fun, fun weekend.

This weekend was our 17th annual R. ladies weekend. It's a wonderful tradition that started with just our grandma and her girls/in-laws, and has spread to welcome the next generation. For a large family (great grand baby number 50 was with us this time!) it's a great way to reconnect at lest once a year. I became the default last-minute planner, and found us a vacation rental in Red Wing, MN. Because the planning was last minute, many weren't able to make it-they were missed (and missed out)! The photo is missing some of those in attendance.

It was a wonderful place. We very much plan on going back there in the future as it's a gorgeous house, affordable, has room and beds galore, is very scenic and relatively close to most of us. We truly could have stayed right on the premises and been thoroughly entertained.

Last week, we had snow and cold, cold, cold. Just in time for the weekend, the sun came out, fall arrived and we were treated to absolutely beautiful weather.

Hiking Barn Bluff. The way the bluffs in this area rise out of nowhere is gorgeous. (I know, I look like I'm gonna pop you one. Maybe I will. I do have a mean left hook.)

Stairs on the hike. Lots and lots of stairs. They are from the devil. Or so Claire thought at this point.

The mighty Mississippi from the top of the bluff.

A certain milestone is being reached this year by our eldest cousin-she went home with many, many treasures. We have birthday parties with style.

Gut busting laughter: it's good for the body.

Yup, lotsa sophisticated humor. We should be set for a while after this trip.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A few randoms

Sitting as far away from the candles as her chair would allow...she wouldn't blow them out.
  • There's a blanket of snow covering the ground. I must admit it is beautiful.
  • But still. Much to early.
  • Our chickens are laying eggs these days. Yay!
  • We weren't sure if they were all laying in the coop. I thought we should be getting more than we were.
  • Turns out, it wasn't the chickens-they were doing as directed.
  • Caught red handed (or is it red pawed?): Sam. Dadgum dog. (at least he'll have a luscious coat, eggs are good for that.)
  • We've also discovered that we have another rooster. All of a sudden, a third 'chicken' was crowing. Humph.

  • My brother Carl has been here from GA. He's achieved rock star status with my kids. Especially with Oliver. That Unc is just plain cool.
  • Need a good way to make yourself look gray haired for Halloween? My kids have discovered the solution: Gold Bond Foot Powder. That stuff covers very well and doesn't come out.
  • I'm headed out tomorrow morning for a R. ladies weekend. Wahoo! We're off to an awesome looking vacation rental house by Red Wing. Should be a wonderful time.
  • Here's hoping the weather shapes up for us!
  • Now, I better be off to accomplish the list of things before I can leave: make soup to bring for tomorrow supper, make supper for today, buy a birthday present, stop at the library, do laundry, fill out a job application, get on with the day!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A little Mama on my hands.

I'm currently watching my daughter play with her new kitchen set, and trying to decide how I feel about my two year old daughter having more working counter space than I have. Humpf.

We had an early birthday party for Miss Elsa yesterday. I think we hit the jackpot with the Little Tykes kitchenette we gave her. The grin on her face was priceless, along with the whispered "ooo" and "yeah" and "nice" and other such awe-struck-little-girl noises. I hauled it in from the car after morning church today, she played with it until afternoon church, and now she's going on two hours straight. (To sweeten the deal, the set was $10, the pots, pans and bowls around $4 and the plastic food $1 all from thrifts and garage sales. One pot set at Target was more than that!)

Love hitting that sweet spot with gifts. It's fun to see her imagination come to life.

I would share pictures, but my camera is MIA. Now, off to enjoy the Sunday paper and these moments of quiet. Ta!