Monday, July 27, 2009

The clock on the wall says 3:20

And the hour between 2 and 3 took about 4 by other clock's standards. The one on the wall? I think it was feeling the aura around here and sympathizing. It's been one of those days that drags, one of those days where Miss Elsa seems to think she should be called Yes-your-highness-almighty-princess-what-may-I-do-for-you-now?

But now, two are down for the count, the sun is setting, a cup of tea with strawberry shortcake and my book are calling my name.

So, clock on the wall, despite you telling me it's 3:20, I'm going with 8:32. It's a much more friendly hour.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday!

To my wonderful mother! Traveling back from Alaska, after a week visiting K&R, not a bad way to spend it!

p.s. The dogs are also eagerly awaiting your you can save them from the kids.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just back from a morning run. It feels good to be out running again after so much time filled with good intentions. Up to about 3 miles as many mornings a week as I can make it work. Boo-ya!

Now the coffee's brewing, one kid is waking and fresh (made last night) blueberry muffins are awaiting. The start of another summer day that will be filled with:

  • Mowing grass. Our mower was out of commission for a we can't tell where the yard ends and the woods begin!
  • Weeding garden.
  • Picking blueberries
  • Maybe even a trip to the strawberry farm.
  • Finishing the chicken coop (that'd be the hubby)
  • Laundry
  • and I'm hoping for some sunshine...

but that might be wishful thinking.


Thursday, July 16, 2009


Goodness, if time always flew by like it does in the summer, I think I'd be 50 in about three months...

I know, that made lots of sense.

Look at what I have! Num, num, num...
Blueberry pancakes for supper it will be!

That's not just his shirt, I think this boy turned blue for real from all the berries he ate...

The patch is outdoing itself! This cooler weather and rain have made tons of plump, juicy, bursting with flavor berries. Ooh, the deliciousness of it all.

And did I mention today is absolutely perfect for berry picking?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm back!

Only a few days late, but hope everyone had a great 4th weekend! The kids and I made a semi-impromptu (i.e. not for sure until I left...) trip to the UP for Thursday through Sunday. It was a lot of fun, two of my brothers, one girlfriend, two cousins and my mom and dad were at our family camp.

The traveling went well, (Jill I. came with me and was a HUGE help with the kids) but I have a new understanding of the annoyance of "are we there yet?" Oliver's version is "where are we going?" "is it a long way?" "are we drivin' an drivin'?" and "are we going to the camp/Michigan/Grandma Edie's?"

The lake was COLD. Those of us over the age of 10 didn't go in without a sauna to warm up in. At times, Elsa preferred the foot-rinse bucket.

But a towel and hug from Nanna does the warm-up trick as well!

I sure wasn't a slave to my camera, the share-worthy pictures are few.

Oliver got over his nerves from last year and enjoyed a good kayak ride with Granpa. You can't see it here, but he had to have a paddle himself and I hear that he was a lot of help.

We also enjoyed fireworks and a parade (I've gotta give those yoopers credit, they put a lot more effort into getting decked out for their parades than Minnesotans do!), late nights, sauna-swim, birthday cake (Oliver couldn't believe his MOM had a BIRTHDAY?!?!) and dinner out with grandma on Sunday.

Funny story there...As we sat at lunch, Grandma was going on about the great birthday deal the restaurant has; a person can get anything on the menu, desert, their beverage FREE. "Oooh, yeah, yeah, how nice" we said.

It was about 3 hours later it dawned on us that it was MY birthday that day. Ya know, it just kinda irks to pay for your free birthday lunch;)