Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Attempting this again...

Computer. Flying shoe. Coffee. Keyboard. Puddle. Sudden blank screen. Scolding. Towel. Blowdryer. Mumbling. Grumbling. Keeping fingers crossed. Musical-start-up-notes. Sigh of relief.

You connect the dots.


Casualties: touch screen. And my cup of coffee.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Thoughts from this morning:
  • How cold is it gonna be today?
  • How long is it going to stay below zero this time?
  • How long until spring??
  • Why is there spaghetti on the kitchen ceiling?
  • Yum, this coffee sure tastes good with Dove chocolates.
  • ECFE went great this morning...the kids made penguins, then proceeded to fight over them on the way home.
  • How many times will Oliver ask 'what was that??' when we drive over bumps on our VERY bumpy road?
  • I'm guessing many millions.
  • Is it really possible to keep a clean kitchen?
  • How many times do you think I've picked those canned goods up from the living room floor?
  • Why are the bath tub toys always dumped behind the toilet?
  • I sure wish the toilet handle would stay on the toilet so I didn't have to reattach it every time.
  • Ahh, Elsa's taking a nap.
  • She'll probably wake up just in time to leave for work. Perfect.
  • Once again-how long until spring?
And a final piece of advice from a Dove wrapper: Sleep under the stars tonight. Hmm, do you think they meant that when its below zero? Think I'll pass.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

This and that

I had a request a while back for better pictures of the Christmas stockings I made. I took the pictures, but forgot all about them until today. So, a few last Christmas pictures:

Oliver showing them off

I can't decide if the heel to toe part is too long...but once one was made, I figured the second one should probably match. So, there they are.

Eric brought home his old-grown-out-of snowshoes recently. I've been suffering from a lack of exercise and a lack of options for real exercise with two kids in tow. I was skeptical about pulling the kids in the sled while I shoed, but it actually works wonderfully well; especially once you have a packed trail. I think I'm hooked. It's more fun and a better workout than just going for walks all the time, as I can get out into the woods, and am pulling 40 or so pounds of kids.

I must admit I've only gone a few times so far, so it's still a novelty. Hopefully one that sticks and keeps getting me out of the house. I just feel so much better if I've got some exercise under my belt. Not to mention a little more fresh air for the kids is great as well.
Elsa in the sled after out outing. She ends up with a lap full of snow if we make new trails, but it doesn't seem to faze her. She's proudly wearing her new jacket and snowpants set that I found on sale yesterday. It took much hemming and hawing on my part, but I'm glad I bought them. She has always hated the snowsuit she had; not sure why, but she complained every time I put it on her. Today with the new stuff? Not a peep, and she lasted outside longer.

So, along with some laundry, an attempt at cutting Oliver's hair, and the pot of chili on the stove, that's pretty much been my day. Hope yours is going well!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Spur of the moment

Friday afternoon I got a serious itch to try and make it to one cousin's wedding (Brett S. to Chrissy K.) on Saturday. Nothing like being last minute, right? After a little checking around, I was able to switch work around and what-da-ya-know, it worked out! So then, I got to asking a little too much. I called Eric at work, thinking maybe I would leave Friday and make it an overnighter. What'd he say?? "You can't. The fuel pump went out on my truck. You'll have to come pick me up after work." Ah, well. You can't have it all.

So we (sister Trina as well as my kids) made it across a few icy roads Saturday morning, enjoyed the beautiful wedding, great visiting and 50th birthday party for our aunt that followed. The roads were even clear for the drive back that night. That made up for the approximate hour of screaming from Elsa. Like I said-you can't have it all.

Have a good one!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The kids have company

I'm babysitting a couple of my young cousins today. Oliver was very excited, he loves having Eva over...but he's having a very hard time letting Elsa in on the fun. Lets just say there's been a bit of a sibling war going on around here. So, off she went to NAPA with her dad. The youngest cousin is sleeping, and finally the two older ones are playing in peace.

I had planned on taking them all to ECFE this morning, but as the Jeep wouldn't start, we didn't make it. Guess I'll sit back, enjoy my coffee and a book for a few minutes, and listen to the entertaining conversation of three-year-olds.

Stay warm!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh yes-

Just so you know-when it hits the -30's around here, we no longer have cold, we have a
"severe lack of warmth."

Yes. That, my friends is quoted from the news the other day.

Can't just say it like it is: DARN COLD out there. And now I get to go carry in firewood.

Monday, January 12, 2009

-39 degrees. I'm looking forward to it.

Or to spring. Yup, pretty sure I'd like spring instead.

Chuckle of the day: Yesterday this goofball noticed my shirt riding up when I sat down, and laughing his head off, poked the skin, saying "Mom! You losing you britches!!!" Here, he's enjoying a Sunday nap.

It was a good weekend! I started Saturday with an ambition to paint a living room wall. I had just set up some babysitting when I got a phone call with an even better option-visiting! Evelyn was in town, so I spent much time this weekend enjoying the company of friends- always a wonderful past time! Some other locals and I also came up with a plan to meet at least once a week to go for walks. A little exercise is always more likely to happen when others are involved. We were planning on starting Tuesday...but with a forecast of highs of -10 and windchills of -39 to -44 or more, I'm not so sure it'd be the wisest idea. Humpf.


My brother Steve recently posted some pictures he took over Christmas on his Flickr. I took liberty to steal many of them, and here are some of my favorites. Isn't the lighting (by that I mean not 'flashy') and quality just great? A good camera and talent does wonders:)

Elsa and her Mom

I love the way the light plays off her hair in this one.

This one's just great. I don't think he ever succeeded in blowing it up.
These were just a few...great job catching lots of fun moments, Steve!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


They're my favorite cookie. But they've got to be soft, homemade. They just go so wonderfully with both milk and coffee. Of course I had a helper...and this was one of those times the helping actually didn't make me want to pull my hair out by the end. Yum.

The last few days I've been starting to wonder if I'm taking after the rest of my family with food allergies. (I'm almost expecting it to hit me at some point, but holding out till I have to make diet changes.) So I don't have to say how glad I am that the tummy ache, tiredness of yesterday had passed by this morning. Some sort of bug I guess, and I hope the kids don't get it!

On the great side of the being sick thing-the kitchen was a complete disaster, since I worked all weekend and didn't feel up to it yesterday. When I got up this morning, there was soup simmering in the crockpot and the place was sparkling. Knew I kept him around for somethin'!!

Cheers to thoughtful hubby's!

Friday, January 2, 2009


This morning, Elsa and Oliver were digging on my living room shelf. They found the stash of songbooks, and brought me one. Next, Oliver pulled out the two little-kid chairs, they sat down, and he promptly told me "read it so I can hear it." (his new way of asking us to read out loud)

We spent the next half hour singing church songs together.
Their little voices were music to my ears.