Thursday, November 4, 2010


A few facts: We live in a trailer house. We live in the woods. Mice live in the woods. It's getting colder, therefore mice want to live in our house.

So, we have a cat. Thelma.

This is her.

Another fact. She's a good mouser. I haven't had any mouse turds in my cupboards since she came to stay.

And I appreciate that. Really, I do. Very, very much, in fact. For that, I'm willing to feed her and put up with her cat hair everywhere.

But seriously. Does she have to go out looking for mice, catch them and bring them inside, leaving them on the floor-sometimes half eaten-for me to stumble upon unaware and unassuming as I groggily start my day?

It's quite a waker-upper.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm baaack!

We're back up and running after an unintentional technology hiatus.

I'm under strict instructions from Elsa: "Mom, you shouldn't never, EVER spill coffee on the computer again."

At a $73 repair bill, I'm inclined to agree.

Halloween was a beautiful and successful day. We had a train, a princess and a teddy bear. And lots of candy.

I've got spelt bread rising, pumpkins in the oven, a shower to take, work to go to, so I suppose I'd better keep moving.

I enjoyed my forced hiatus, but it's good to be reconnected!