Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Thing:

Thing one: The kids have bunk beds. They take up half the room.
Thing 2: This means the bed reaches all the way to right below the ceiling light fixture.
Thing 3: The ceiling is probably 7 ft high.
Thing 4: They knock into the light fixture when playing...
Thing 5: And now it doesn't work.
Thing 6: So I told them "Too bad, you broke it and have to wait until Dad can fix it till you'll have lights in your room."
Thing 7: They didn't listen. Oliver took out the light bulb...
Thing 8: And whatdayado when something doesn't work? Bonk it on something.
Thing 9: A shattered light bulb spreads Over two bunks and the floor beneath.
Thing 10: Remember how the bed takes up most of the room? That makes it very hard to clean behind. and under. and to change sheets.
Thing 11: Have you ever had to vacuum a top bunk while standing on the ladder, holding the vacuum in one hand and using the hose with the other? It's now a secret talent of mine.
Thing 12: Oh yeah. This was all in the dark.

The thing is: Kids sometimes do REALLY annoying things.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Frosty and Bunny

So I've been MIA for a few...
many days of work in a row, but I'm looking forward to most of this week off...after tomorrow!!


We made it outside for a bit, and, finding that the snow is perfect for snowman making, we built Frosty. That's what Oliver named him.

And Elsa insisted that we build a bunny. So, meet Bunny. Or Rabbit. They haven't decided.

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm starting something new...

posting two days in a row:)

Maybe it's a new leaf for the new just took a little bit to get started. Kinda like other things around here. Such as the fact that the calender on the wall still says December 2009...we're not rushing into the new decade. (although the new decade doesn't actually start till next year. They started with the year 1, rather than 0, so the decade is really from Jan 2001 til Dec 2010. In case you wanted to know.)


Innocent? I think not.

Elsa pulled a fast one on her Grammie and Grampa while she was there today. She was playing with Grammie and Oliver when Grampa got home from work. She heard him come in, didn't say a thing, got up and went in the kitchen. Next thing Grammie heard was her telling him, o, so sincerly that he should go to the store and get her some M&M's, "Grammie said so." She'd never even mentioned it to Grammie, and Grampa thought it was true...

She ended up with some M&M's.

The kid can work the system...and she's only two!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You slacker! He says.

Eric's right. That's me. Blogging slacker...been uninspired lately(or possibly, lazy.)

  • The weather finally warmed a bit, and we've actually been able to go outside for more than minutes the last few days. Yesterday the kids rode in the sled and we made a large loop through our 40 acres. Good fun, and a workout for mom.
  • The chickens are even venturing outside the coop, also kicking in and laying a few more eggs.
  • Despite the relative warmth, the walls are still closing in on us. The walls are much to close in this house, as it feels as if the kids can bounce from wall to wall...
  • I made it out of the house last night to play hockey with a group of ladies. Quite a workout for these legs, considering they haven't skated since I've been married. Only one bruised cheek from a classic wipe out:)
  • I read a great book last weekend. (Didn't do much else...) Day After Night, by Anita Diamant. Historical fiction based on the true story of Jews immigrating to Israel after WWII. They were stopped by the British and placed in a camp much like concentration camps...very good read.
  • Oliver has spent all day helping his dad outside. His day just isn't complete if he doesn't get to 'work with dad.' Elsa and I have been enjoying some time alone...FYI playing playdoh is rather therapeutic.
  • Interesting fact: A truck part that is $33 here costs $100 in Sitka AK. Someone is enjoying quite the markup, I'd say (This thing is little and plastic, no way it costs that much to ship some up there.) So, we'll be mailing the part to K&R...
  • Another funny thing: Last weekend when the whole continental US was in a freeze, Sitka AK was one of the warmest places in the country, enjoying weather in the 40's. Really throws people off when they hear that. Sitka is actually has a much more mild winter that we do here, rarely getting below the 20s.
  • And one 'small world': A lady I worked with for a day at my new job is a traveling nurse who worked here in the past, and was back for a month or so and picking up shifts...where do you think she is currently living and working? Sitka. And she works at the same hospital as you, Jen! (Her name is Anita, and I believe she's an ICU nurse there...)
Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday evening.

What better way is there to spend a frigidly cold Sunday evening than cuddled up with new litebrites that finally got batteries?

And me? The Sunday paper and crossword. Yum.

Although cold, winter sure is cozy.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

  • Christmas tree and decorations down. Check.
  • Top bunk of bunk bed finally finished and usable. Check.
  • Laundry half done...and folded and put away. Check.
  • Nap taken. Check.
  • Play outside in zero degree weather with kids. Check.
  • Firewood hauled in. Check.
  • Hot chocolate warming. Check.
  • Good way to start the new year. Check and double check.

Happy 2010!