Friday, July 30, 2010

Fair Time!

The kids and I are going camping Sunday through Tuesday with a group of ladies/kids, and they are more than a little excited. When they were picking up the living room this evening, every.single.toy. they picked up was "one I'm gonna take along camping" and the stray clothes all had to be put in a pile "so I can take it camping."

I was just starting to wonder how we were going to pass the evening while keeping my sanity, when my mother-in-law called saying she had come upon 40 free tickets for the rides at the county fair. Talk about great timing.

I jumped at the chance, gave Joan a call, washed some faces, changed a shirt or two and off we went. All of a sudden I didn't even have to find something for supper. Cheeseburgers to support the local 4-H clubs it was.

$90 worth of free tickets had these boys...

And this girl...

...grinning from ear to ear.

They dashed from one ride to the next, living it up...(it'll be a shock next time when there's a limit of one or two rides. Total. Rather than one or two times on every ride...)

This girl, on the other hand, preferred to watch most of the rides. The boys would be half way through, and she'd say "I wanna go on it now." (Can't blame a girl for wanting to send in the troops to check the things out, can you?) She did make it down the giant slide a couple times and through the twirly bear one that we could all go in together.

What she really loved... (here, the sheep had just licked her on the nose.)

was the animals

...of all kinds.

What a good way to spend the night. Completely spur of the moment, and lots of fun was had.

That, my friends, is the way to live life.

Monday, July 26, 2010


  • I wonder if the rooster has any idea it was just told "SHUT UP!" by Oliver. It doesn't appear to have fazed it at all...
  • One of my current favorite lines is "Cuz I'm the mom, that's why."
Such as : "Moooom, I wanna scoop my OWN ice cream."
"No, I'll do it."
"But whhhyyyyy caaan't Iiiii?"
"Cuz, I'm the mom, that's why."

It works great.

  • While eating breakfast, Elsa asked her dad for something to drink. Againandagainandagain. When Eric told her "I'm coming, keep your pants on!" she looked down, then quietly stated, "They're jammies, not pants."
  • Eric is outside, sawing. Yahoo! We always love when he has work in the mill!
  • Yesterday we woke to green, turmoily (that should be a word) skies and stayed in storm watches all day. Today, so far is sunny and gorgeous. Time to go enjoy it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Whata day

After thoroughly enjoying the Sunday School Picnic yesterday, today actually felt quite productive. At this point (supposedly less than a month left!) any productive day is really quite enjoyable!

Made fresh muffins for breakfast, blueberry, of course.
Liz and Mom arrived, and we went picking at the neighbors, since our patch has been picked over. Another 2 quarts acquired for me despite the incessant bugs and drizzling rain. Must say my picking speed is slowing with the growing belly...
Even fit in a quick nap after lunch before the hubby left for work.
Then weedwacked, yes, weedwacked two rows in the garden. The weeds in a few places have gotten *ahem*, a little out of control. Worked wonderfully, as I only had to pull the weeds close to the plants, and Eric will be able to till in the roots tomorrow. Spent over 2 hours doing tally: a heaping, and I mean HEAPING wheelbarrow load of weeds. I can hear my onions singing in joy at the weeds demise.
It really deserved a picture. Too bad I didn't take one.
While I was weeding, the kids (for once!) did an excellent job keeping themselves entertained, and it was quite peaceful. The weather had cleared up and the evening was gorgeous.
New potatoes and fresh scrambled eggs for supper. Easy-peasy.
A very short walk to satisfy the kids, then into the tub and ice cream cones for snack.

A day well spent.

Now I'm exhausted. Anyone want to fold my laundry and wash the dishes?