Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let me just say...

"I'm gonna be like you, Dad, you know I'm gonna be like you."
(Quick, name that tune.)

If you arrive at work kinda crabby, and proceed to expect everything and everyone to fall into place around you, it just ain't gonna happen. Work today was, ug. I felt like telling a few people to lighten up. But I didn't.

Fortunately, the two monkeys of mine are getting cheerier by the minute. A little oatmeal in their tummy seems to have gone a long way, thank goodness...I was starting to think I had an aura around me that said "Anna's tired, be crabby around her today."

The brightest spot of the day so far was the $29 fix for the Jeep's shaking problem. I was certain there was a broken-something-expensive...but a rotation and alignment was all that was found to fix.

My hour long drive to and from work was made even longer by the lack of radio in the borrowed car. 6 am is even earlier when there's no distraction.

Now, tummies are full, half the dishes are washed, the sun is shining, and a walk and watering some new garden plants are in store.

Let me just say, the day (! it's 7:00 already! Ack!) is lookin' up.

Incidentally, that picture is from last night. Like Oliver's choice of headgear to ward off the mosquitoes?

Monday, May 17, 2010

As usual, a O&E story...

My kids have been playing church a lot lately. Just this morning I happened to be close enough to hear when they started singing. That's when I heard this:

"Jesus loves is cooooolllldd! ...the Bible tells me soooo"

I had to go in the bathroom to cover my guffaws. Guess I need to clarify a little.

When I got back from wiping my tears of laughter, they had moved on to Happy Birthday. The repertoire in this church is diverse.

This is what happens

...when a very opinionated little girl finds the new garage sale purchases...
"Mom, I not going to sleep, I just wear this princess nightgown."

Saturday evening we kicked off Cabin season. Oliver was devastated that he didn't get to go out in a boat fishing due to expired boat licenses...until Grandpa took him in the paddle boat.

It didn't faze him that the boat was tied to the dock by about 12 feet of rope.

He put in 3 solid hours.

While I was at work Sunday afternoon, Eric and Oliver went fishing. In a real boat.

This boy L.O.V.E.S. fishing. He's been fishing in puddles around home for the last month.

And he had some great success. This morning's report was very entertaining, he's got the fisherman's talk down to a T...

He left out the part where he was terrified and told his dad he didn't want to catch "that big of a fish again."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

If the walls were covered with velcro...

They'd both be on the ceiling.

This cold and rainy weather is becoming a hazard to our health. A minute ago, O&E were climbing on the kitchen set, then to the back of a chair and bailing off...

Now they're playing soccer with a basketball.

Supper they were doing cartwheels on the bench.

My "stop that, you'll break something" reflex is wearing out.

Tomorrow, today's high temperature is supposed to be the low of the day.

For the safety of my noggin, the survival of the poor Thelma-cat (and the fact that there's city-wide sales in M) I really, really hope so.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A few daily funnies to record for posterity...

At work today, my patient was "sleeping." After trying many tactics to wake her, I finally asked, "are you just not responding to me, or what?"

To which, with her eyes tightly closed she simply stated, "I'm not responding to you."

Guess I had pestered her to much. Maybe I'll tuck that away for when I'm old and use it then too...


Last night, Elsa was insisting on being independent during and after sauna.
... I was paying attention to Oliver when I heard:

"I need a little help over here. I need a little help over here. I need a little help over here."

She had managed to get one arm in the correct hole, and was working on the head; evidently it wasn't going so well...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring has gone into rewind.

The forecast for Friday: Snow. 80% chance of precipitation.


April was gorgeous. Evidently May is gonna sock it to us.

It's leaving us staring out the window...saying, really?

And, unfortunately, these poor blueberry blossoms may not fare so well. I was thrilled with their number when doing some cleaning in the patch the other day.

And to make matters worse, (in a way) the kids and I went out for a trek in the woods this evening...and found even more blueberry bushes that I didn't know existed. Please snow, don't fall.