Thursday, June 23, 2011

A list

  • So far this morning:
  • Slept in. Till 9. I deserved it after yesterday at work. But does it count as sleeping in when you don't get home till 2:30?
  • Coffee. Mmm.
  • Boys were up. Daughter hasn't rolled out of bed yet...
  • Howie.
  • Pulled the computer off the table.
  • Oops. So far it seems to work just fine.
  • Promptly went to the kitchen and took the vent off the floor and started digging in the ducting.
  • Busy boy.
  • Oliver.
  • Just asked for mittens so his hands wouldn't get cold while riding his bike.
  • June. Really?
  • Laundry washing.
  • Chased the rooster out of the porch.
  • Someone left the door open.
  • It's a hoot.

1 comment:

Amanda J. said...

Howie sounds about as busy as Kylie. It has been cool here too but I am enjoying the break from the HOT Oklahoma summer. Uggg, getting home at 2:30 does not sounds like fun.